TSP Machining Facility
We are very pleased to introduce the all-new Texas Speed & Performance engine machining facility! Our new, state-of-the-art machining facility offers the best equipment available for engine machining combined with the best engine machinists and builders that have years of experience building LS-based engines. There are many factors that were considered when deciding to take all of our machining and assembly process in house. Among the most important reasons are listed below:
Full control of the build time and process
Extra capabilities to meet our customers' needs, such as 1/2" head studs for large power-adder engines, expedited engine builds, etc.

The latest state-of-the-art equipment available to allow for the strictest of tolerances and reduced build time
We can now control the full build process, not only with how the machining process is done but also with how quick we can have an engine completed. In the past, we have experienced build times of six to eight weeks, and we will be able to significantly shorten the wait time. We will now have an average build time of two weeks! This will depend on parts availability, but we keep a huge inventory of K1 Technologies and Callies crankshafts and connecting rods, as well as Wiseco pistons, to meet the demand of most customers. Texas Speed & Performance is also the only shop in the country that will stock 25+ LS-based short-blocks! We have the ability and resources to have multiple combinations in stock for those that need their new engine quickly! We will also offer an expedited engine service for those needing an engine quickly. However, this will only apply if it is an engine that we do NOT have in stock! Some like to spread misinformation, claiming that an in-stock engine is a "cookie cutter" engine. That is not correct! EVERY Texas Speed & Performance engine will go through the same stringent machining and assembly process, and you are guaranteed to get the best engine on the market when you purchase from us. We will be using the latest equipment available to ensure the best build and assembly process for our customers. 

You will not find a shop that is better qualified to machine and build your new LS-based engine. Among our engine machinists and builders are dedicated people with years of experience not just building engines in general but specifically building LS-based engines! From machine operation to setting the ring gaps during the assembly process, our machinists and builders are among the best in the industry. They have been highly trained in their field of expertise from such places at the School of Automotive Machinists (SAM). The people machining and building your Texas Speed & Performance engine not only have the proper training, but they also have years of experience! We are dedicated to building the BEST LS-based engines available for our customers, and that dedication not only comes in the form of the best equipment but also with the best employees. We are working hard to build our stock of in-stock short-blocks back up with various builds so we can meet the demand of our customers.
Our in-stock engines will include 404 and 408 CID iron-blocks, 402 CID LS2/L76 aluminum short-blocks, and 418 CID LS3/L92 aluminum short-blocks. These are the most popular combinations that our customers demand, but we also offer short-block and long-block builds for the LS1, LS6, LS7, and both standard-deck and tall-deck versions of the GMPP iron LSx and RHS aluminum blocks. We can accommodate builds for customers ranging from 346 CID all the way up to 502 CID! We can also send you an itemized estimate for the engine you're interested in so you can see exactly what it will include. Feel free to give us a call to discuss your engine needs!