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TSP 418 C.I.D. L92/LS3 Short-Block

TSP 418 C.I.D. L92/LS3 Short-Block

TSP 418 C.I.D. LS3/L99/LSA Short-Block

base price $5,149.99
item# 25-418LS3SB
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All Texas Speed & Performance 418 C.I.D. short-blocks use a new GM L92/LS3 aluminum block!  The standard price includes a fully-assembled GM L92/LS3 short-block with a 4.00" stroke crankshaft with your choice of 24X or 58X reluctor wheel.
The standard price also includes your choice of Wiseco 4.07" -3cc, -15cc, -20cc, or -32cc piston set or TSP-exclusive Wiseco 4.08" -4cc or -10cc. Diamond Racing -2cc flat-top or -22.5cc dished pistons are also available for an additional cost. All Wiseco pistons offered are built to accommodate LS1, LS2, LS6, L92, LS3, and most aftermarket cylinder heads and valve configuration. The Diamond pistons are built to accommodate LS1, LS2, LS6, and L92 cylinder heads.

Any TSP 418 L92/LS3 will use a 4.070" or 4.080" bore piston set, unless otherwise noted. Custom builds are available. We offer multiple brands of connecting rods and crankshafts to suit any type of application. Every engine will come standard with the necessary oil and coolant plugs already installed in the block. We do offer an optional conversion package that will include the LS2 timing cover with camshaft position sensor, LS2 valley cover, LS2 lifter trays, LS2-specific 1x timing set, and plug-n-play harness extensions for the camshaft position and knock sensor harnesses. This will be required if you are installing the engine into an LS1 vehicle. Feel free to give us a call, and we will be more than happy to put an itemized estimate together for you! We also offer additional discounts if you pay via a cashier's check or wire transfer. All engines will ship via truck freight, so if are purchasing online the shipping costs listed will NOT be correct! We will contact you with a shipping cost after your order has been placed. All prices listed do not include the applicable shipping costs!

All Wiseco pistons will use a 1.2mm/1.2mm/3.0mm ring pack with a steel top ring and Napier second ring. This will be the standard ring pack used with any of our Wiseco exclusive piston sets, and this ring pack will also be offered with any Wiseco off-the-shelf piston set. We have the Wiseco and Diamond Racing piston sets listed under separate categories since there are different ring sets offered for each piston manufacturer. All Wiseco piston sets will use the Wiseco/NPR-specific ring sets, and all Diamond Racing piston sets will use a Total Seal ring set. The Diamond Racing piston sets will come standard with a Total Seal plasma moly ring set, and a steel top ring set is available for an additional cost. We do build many engines to keep in stock, and we do our best to offer a variety to suit everyone’s wants/needs. If you are wanting to use our website to get an engine quote, select your desired piston and ring set and list the other piston and ring set as “do not want”. So, if you want a Wiseco piston and ring set, select the appropriate parts and list the Diamond Racing pistons and rings as “Do Not Want” in the drop-down menus. With that said, not all engines will be in stock. The average build time will normally take three to four weeks once all parts are at the machine shop. This is only an estimate since circumstances and wait times will vary. Please give us a call for an accurate, up-to-date time quote.

For any nitrous setup exceeding a 150HP shot or any boosted application exceeding 10 psi, we recommend a steel top ring set. The steel top ring will handle the added heat of the nitrous and boosted applications much better than a plasma moly top ring set. All of our engines with Wiseco pistons will use a Napier second ring for maximum oil control. This is just another step that we take with all TSP short-blocks to ensure you get the best quality possible! We also offer an expedite service to be able to have your engine built and ready to ship in as little as five business days! The build time will vary according to parts availability. Give us a call for more information!

We do offer an upgrade to 1/2" head studs for those looking to run a large amount of nitrous or boost. The price listed for the 1/2" head stud upgrade will include the cost of the ARP hardware, as well as the necessary machine work. You MUST select a set of PRC aftermarket casting cylinder heads for this upgrade! All of the PRC aftermarket casting cylinder heads already have the larger bolt holes to accommodate 1/2" head studs. The GM castings will not have the larger bolt holes, which would require additional machining. So, please make your cylinder head selection accordingly if you plan to upgrade to 1/2" head studs.

All TSP engines will include 12 quarts of Joe Gibbs break-in oil for no additional cost. Proper break-in oil and procedures for your engine are just as important as the build process! The Joe Gibbs break-in oil allows for proper ring sealing against the cylinder walls upon start-up, as well as for the break-in period once the engine is up and running. Most off-the-shelf engine oils do not have the necessary ZDDP additives to allow for proper break-in of a new engine, and we want to take every precaution possible to ensure that your new TSP engine receives a proper break-in!

*Wiseco Pistons  
*Wiseco Piston Ring Set  
*Diamond Pistons  
*Diamond / Total Seal Piston Ring Set  
*Connecting Rods  
*Optional Main Stud Kit  
*Reluctor Wheel  
*LS2 Conversion Package  
*Select Engine Block  
*Optional 1/2" Head Stud Upgrade  
*Optional Wrist Pin Upgrade  
*Engine Crate & Cradle For Shipping  

Base Price: $5,149.99
Customized Price: $5,149.99

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