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ShopLate Model GM Cars/Trucks2010-15 Camaro SS V8Engine & ValvetrainRotating Assemblies → TSP 427 or 429 C.I.D. LS3/L92 Rotating Assembly
TSP 427 C.I.D. LS3/L92 Rotating Assembly

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TSP 427 C.I.D. LS3/L92 Rotating Assembly

TSP 427 or 429 C.I.D. LS3/L92 Rotating Assembly

base price $2,079.00
item# 25-TSP427LS3RA
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Texas Speed & Performance rotating assemblies offer the best durability with the best pricing available!  Our 427 C.I.D. LS3 rotating assemblies come standard with your choice of a forged Callies Compstar 4.10" or 4.125" stroke crankshaft, Texas Speed & Performance H-Beam 6.125" connecting rods with ARP 2000 rod bolts, and Mahle 4.065" or 4.07" -7cc flat-top pistons, wrist pins, and plasma moly piston ring set.  Callies offers both a 4.10" and 4.125" stroke crankshaft, which we have listed.  All of the piston sets listed will work with either stroke crankshaft; The 4.10" stroke crankshaft will require a slightly shorter block deck height vs. the 4.125" in order to achieve a "zero deck" setup.  You can choose from a variety of upgrades for the crankshaft, connecting rods, and pistons!  FYI, All Wiseco piston sets will come standard with their steel top/napier 2nd ring set!  Bearings are not included in the base price but can be added to your rotating assembly package.  Give us a call, and we will be happy to spec out a rotating assembly that will match your needs!

Image is a representation, actual part might very.

The Mahle pistons will come standard with the Mahle Motorsports plasma moly ring set. The Mahle pistons are an excellent choice for someone looking to keep the engine naturally-aspirated without any power-adders. If you are looking to run any type of power-adder, we recommend upgrading the pistons to Wiseco.. The Wiseco pistons will use a stronger 2618 piston forging vs. the Mahle's 4032, so they will offer more durability for extreme applications. The Wiseco pistons will come standard with their specific steel top/napier second ring set. The steel top ring set is a great addition for any setup that may see the addition of a power-adder.

The Eagle Specialties connecting rods will give you a choice in connecting rod bolts. The standard bolts will include the ARP 8740 that are rated for up to 700 flywheel horsepower. If you upgrade to the ARP 2000 rod bolts, this will increase the power rating to 900 flywheel horsepower. The Eagle connecting rods are the only rods that will give you a choice. All of the other connecting rods listed will come standard with the ARP 2000 rod bolts.

All 427 C.I.D. LS3 rotating assemblies will have a choice of a 24x or 58x reluctor wheel. If you are going to install this engine into a 2005+ vehicle, you may need a 58x reluctor wheel, depending on the vehicle and year. All 1997-2004 LS-based vehicles will use a 24x reluctor wheel. Please contact us if you are not sure which one you need!

If you are planning to use a power-adder and exceed 12 psi of boost or a 200 HP shot of nitrous, we would recommend building a 4.00" stroke engine since it will allow for a thicker crown on the piston. All of the Wiseco pistons will use a Napier second ring for maximum oil control.

*Select Crankshaft  
*Select Connecting Rods  
*Select Piston Set  
*Optional Main & Rod Bearings  
*Optional Balancing  
*Select Reluctor Wheel  
*Select Wrist Pins  

Base Price: $2,079.00
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